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I am surely confused when people say that credit card companies ripped them off. First of all,they never seem to get very specific in the detail part of it.

I must say that banks are a BUSINESS, not a charity. No one to my knowledge has ever been forced to apply for a card, use it to buy things and then pay it late. There are obvious repercussions for what people do but they seldom take accountability. They also don't fully know how to really live within their means.

They figure credit is a right and not an earned privilege. They also figure that since they have 5 accounts that magically they should just keep on being approved for more accounts with all the same terms, etc. Learn how credit works before opening accounts and then complaining.

I might as well complain that the police are ripping me off with speeding tickets!!!

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Woking, England, United Kingdom #805390

Traitor.you have not had to deal with this load of crooks. Just try to arrange a transfer balance with them for a credit card with a different name but issued by mbna and then your nightmare will begin.

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