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I cashed in my RRSP's to pay off debts - had 3 deaths in family & lost my job - got behind. MBNA was the only company that would not accept a settlement, so I have been paying $75.00 per pay.

Even when I paid the amount agreed upon, I still got AT LEAST 1 call each & every day - sometimes on the weekends as well. Each time, I explained what I was doing to a new person, trying to stay calm and being as nice as I possibly could be. On the other hand, for the most part, I found the people I spoke to at MBNA to be agressive, argumentative and demeaning. I finally spoke to a man 2 weeks ago by the name of Graham Fox at 1-888-222-4146, ext.

10493. Graham listened to everything I said, and said he was going to submit an arrangement to pay out the existing outstanding amount - $1800.00 - in 3 parts - 3 payments. He said he would email me at work. I waited and waited - no call back, only my daily calls harassing me as usual.

I called almost every day & left messages - spoke to different people every day - they said they left email messages for Graham - but still not call back. Finally, last night when I arrived home from work, I received a message from Graham, saying that the settlement had been accepted, and I was to call him back. I called him today from work - saying I had $600.00 - 1/3 of the settlement - and he said he had not agreed to 3 payments - only 1 lump sum of $1800.00. I asked him if he remembered our conversation and he said that he had only agreed upon a settlement of $1800.00 all in one lump sum.

I don't like being called a liar, and I am very sick of being harassed.

Please please, get back to me..I am very upset about this entire situation, and refuse to be treated less than human. I deal with the public all day, and I would lose my job if I treated people the way I have been treated.

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Woking, England, United Kingdom #805367

He probably got a promotion for this.

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