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I had 3 different accounts with MBNA all were started at different dates thru the years. After credit cards raised the minimum due amount, I was unable to pay that and so paid what I could while corresponding in writing to negotiate payment arrangements and closing the accounts.

I got form letters back telling me to call. I did attempt to call only to be on hold and/or disconnected. Once again, I wrote letters stating that I would not negotiate via telephone and wanted something in print! This went on for many months until a law firm called Wolpoffe and something or other started with the threatening letters requiring me to submit the balance or call.

I wrote them and told I would only negotiate in print and receive same letter back with a different name 'signing' it! This went on for months and I actually sent money towards balance with note as to this would be what I would pay monthly. Next I get threatening letters from something called ' The Forum' stating they were the negotiators and I should call them. Once again, I got my form letter out and wrote them the same as the others...and added that I had been trying to make payments but was not getting responses.

I was served to go to court and another law firm from Chicago is now in the picture. They sent me their threatening letters prior and I sent them my form letter and added about my other correspondence with MBNA, Wolpoffe, and The Forum. Once again, fell on deaf ears and to court I went where I told the judge that I was trying, and showed copies of my letters and the form letter that was returned to me. Of course, the judgement is against me and I have to pay the Chicago law firm, but I have no idea whether or not MBNA is getting the money.

Also, they are trying to get me to court again...for what??? I have been paying them and I have written that I am not paying for anymore court fees. Soon I will tell them to kiss my *** because I am so sick of this.

Later, I will tell of Discover's invasion of your work space!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mbna Credit Card.

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