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I recently had a call rom MBNA regarding my debt with them (which I have made other arrangements for).

The woman was so rude to me on the phone after I told her to speak with my representative, she yelled at me and compleatly ignored what I was saying to her.

When I asked for her name and extension number she said "she does not have to give mt that information because I would not co-operate with her" and "if I could read then I would have all the infromation needed"

Then to top it all off she said "since you won't settle your debt, do I have to contact your neighbours and have them settle for you?" "I can tell you who they are if I need to".

I told her to go ahead tell me who they are, she then informed me that my neighbour was the elementary school where I live and she would call them. I was so irate and pissed I hung up on her. Thet will be the last time I will deal with MBNA .

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I closed my credit account,with MBNA

2 Years ago. They kept sending me statements,because I over paid the bill by 3.56$.

I called and called, told them

to take the money and stick it up their ***. Guess what happened! They sent me another statement.

Who the ***, is running this operation. For all of you still dealing with MBNA, MY PRAYERS are with you.


Pay your debt!

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