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I have had the MBNA card for years and always carried the medical insurance on the card in case I lost my income and needed it. Well it happened, and now MBNA does not want to honor the agreement.

I was told it was with a different company, when I paid for it each month, it was included into the bill. I was told they needed a letter from the doctor that I was unable to work, they got it. They have not turned it over to a lawyer. I was paying 160 extra a month for this coverage.

Is this fraud or what???

I know of someone else going through this. FRAUD???

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I had there insurance on my card when I became diable in a car wreck I sent them a letter from the doctor and ss diabilty and they would not pay off my card I was paying them $100 a month I had it on my dicover card and had $10.000 on it and they paid it off.

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