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I got a robo-call on my cell phone, which bothers me, as cell phones have limited minutes.

I pressed one to talk to someone about refi'ing my rates, or something, just so i could get a person.

A middle age man, came on the phone, told me he was with "card services" ; I said i want off all the lists, I may be on, he laughed and told me "nope, we are card services, there is no list" ; i asked to speak to his supervisor he said "nope, you can't"; i told him i'd complain to better business bureau, he laughed and said "go ahead"

I am going to track down someone at FIA card services and determine why the heck they are abusing my contact information.

meanwhile, I got another robo-call from another phone number, i've placed a block on 2 of the numbers so far, but they probably have many more they can abuse me with.

sigh, unbelievable, don't use any credit card that uses FIA card services if this behaviour is allowed, beyond belief!

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I get Robo calls too. I got like 8 different numbers before Xmas calling me daily like 2 or three times a day at the same time.

Then they stopped until Jan then started again .I blocked each one .Then I had to take two off of being blocked and they started calling again. Today I answered and this time I was rude. Said I am sick and tired if u calling here asking for me or husband . The lady on the end ask me if I was who I was and I said maybe.

She said r u or not.

I said maybe aha. She then said have your husband call us and hung up..with all the calls of harassing me u can understand why I will not say yes this is she..and the fraud I am Leary of answering my phone..


:) :) :) :) :)

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