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MBNA was purchased by (bank of money) early last year. Not a problem' if it wasn't for all this economic greediness today!

So! Obamas' and bushs' admin. , decide too impose restrictions on the banking industry' too which they gave billions to.NOTHING LIKE GOV"T REGULATION! They resticted the banks (a.k.a.

credit card companys') in 2010 to raise credit rates. SO they're all doing it now.

The half *** reason they gave was "due to all the default cards/loans, they had to raise it" to over 6% of what it was. I'm sorry, but I'am tired of idiots,and greed by them,ruining so much of our lives today.

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These large financial institutions obviously take no interest in the failing economy but instead are trying to make as much profit out of it as possible. Scary with people that has such a low sense of responsibilty! But it will probably hit themselves in the end because nobody will want to do business with them again in the future.

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