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You hear so much on tv and radio ads how you credit card compainies help you when you are on vacation, let me tell you about how MBNA America help me one evening.It was 11 PM on a hot August evening I was on vacation and had check into a motel in Orland Florida after a long day at Disney with my son. I checked in and gave the clerk my MBNA Credit card.

and he gave ne the room key and told me that if I needed anything to let him know. I and my son when to the room showered and was very tired. we were fast asleep awaiting the next morning because we were intending to go to Universal Stodios the next morning. When at one am in the morning the clerk was knocking at the door.

I was woken uo to be told that the credit card company had delined the charge. I Called the credit card company to inquire why, I was told that due to the nature of the current charges, that includes motel charges on the east coast. as we traveled down to Florida, that that was suspeciuos, and after the tird night they question the charges on the fraud department, I was asked a couple of security questions, and was being continuely questioned, but none of my questions were being attend answered, of why it was being turned off, and that I and my son were bieng woken up to deal with an issue that should have never been brought up in the first place, and who, how and when would I be compensated for the imbarrasing situation thet they have put me in, The gentleman on the telephone tried to exsplain that they aren't the one that woke me up, the credit card response was that the motle employee was responsible for that. I asked to speak to a suspervisor, that I had to hold on the phone for about 5 minutes.

then when he got on the phone he was asking more sucurity questions, that at that time I was in no mood to be answering, and still, as the customer, I was totally ignored, as to why this was being and issue and that I could exspect no compansation from the credit card company for the inconvenous that I was just placed in, he wnet on to exspain that this was in some way my fault, that I didn't call them, and ket them know that I would be traveling. This is just what I wanted to here. This sent me for a loop, and the words that I had to say, well you can imagine, Then he want me to tell him about past charges and how else was not on any form that I filled out and that he shouldn't have access to this information.

I believe that this company went to far, weel above the call of duty to *** OFF a customer, Great customer focus and service, Job weel done. Steve

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Who does not let their cards know that they are going out of country and will be spending lots of the Banks money? Like really, even when you apply for your Canadian passport they give you a checklist of things to do including notify your CC's.

Further more when there is fraud on the cards you will be compensated for it by not having to pay for the charges that are not yours.

It is not your money.

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