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My husband doesn't keep a running balance, and MBNA canada calls at least twice a day, every day to offer him some *** service. Being a stay-home mom, I'm the one who has to deal with the phone ringing all the time. Finally, I've had enough. Here's how the latest conversation went:

Them: May I speak to (hubby's name), please?

Me: No, he's out of town until the end of the month.

Them: Okay, well it's just a courtesy call on behalf of MBNA Canada. It's not urgent.

Me: Well if it's not urgent then why do you people call more than once a day, every day? It's very annoying. I have a baby at home and every time you call, it wakes him from his naps. Don't you make notes in your files of how often you call a person?

Them: I understand what you're saying, ma'am..

Me: (laughing) No, obviously you don't.

Them: (silence) I'll make a note of it and call back some other time then.

Me: Well hopefully it won't be for awhile since he's not here to take your calls anyway. Save yourself some time and don't bother. *click*

A little rude/short of me? Maybe. I don't care. Will it work? Tomorrow is a new day..and today isn't over yet.

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